Client Attraction Activation (2 wk process)

A private cellular activation with Nicky Hartel; activating your internal magnetism so your soul clients see you, feel you and pay you.

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    Client Attraction Activation (2 wk process) $927 USD
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    $927 USD

    ps: here's an exclusive one time offer that perfectly complements the private Client Attraction Activation session.

    Divinely downloaded and energetically charged Oil Collection including the Client Attraction Activation Oil blend to support your activation. Also includes the following 3 oil blends: Ignited Confidence (FIRE) + Content Creation (AIR) + Sacred Cash (WATER). This collection includes audio activations and coded affirmations neatly housed in a membership site for easy access. (Note: this deal is NOT available after checkout or anywhere else)

    $270 USD


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      The truth is that your soul clients have already made a soul contract to work with you. They have already said YES on a soul level.

      Let that sink in and feel the excitement that this truth offers.

      Your soul clients are already in your soul stream aka the quantum field.

      In our time together, I will drop you into your soul stream and activate this very real connection, first in the quantum and then ground it into the physical realm.  

      Pure Magick.  

      Here's to your premium clients dropping in with a full-bodied YES already on their lips!